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Falcon Bms Theater Download High Quality

When most people think of Falcon 4.0 or BMS they think of Korea. It has been the default theater for many. But there are multiple theaters that have been made by the community. Below is a list of known free theaters that work with Falcon BMS 4.34.

Falcon Bms Theater Download

Central Europe Theater (CET) is a new generated theater for BMS. Work has started in Nov2014 and is progressing from that time on. The theater is a 1024x1024 size theater, so it has the same size as Korea. The main focus for the theater will be the 80s central europe. One of the reasons is that a lot of airbases have been closed or disappeared completely. The other reason for this theater, isn't this why the F-16 was build in the beginning? This project has been started to be used as a test case for all the new features in MC. The progress for this theater is currently slow. That is also the answer to the question... where can I download this theater? CET has not been released for download as it is not at release quality yet. But it will be released as soon as it is good to go. In the mean time it is nice to know that work on CET is being done. And you can already have a look at the map of the theater. Map status 02Dec2015

Before downloading Tacview, please make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements and is up to date. The installation process is straightforward. For additional support please refer to the FAQ and the documentation related to your favorite flight simulator. If you have questions not covered by the documentation, please contact our technical support.

(post any additional questions in PMC Tactical forums about this tutorial). This tutorial teaches you the steps of how to produce Falcon 4.0 Theater addon. In our example theater we have chosen default sized (64 segments) European Theater.

- Choose Your Type Of Area Selection: Text-Entry ( ) ( ) Map-Based (uses a Java applet) click Map-Based. use your mouse to select the region. we have chosen a 10 by 10 degree datas for europe, so we will download JUST IN CASE 30 x 30 degree datas so we have room to manuevre in the dem2terrain selections. Our location is N 65.0, S 35.0, W -5.0, E 25.0 - Now select compression method: compressed TAR file. filename: europe5 and unique name: europe5. (europe5 is because I already downloaded 1-4 hehe). When you update the data in the web page, it sets the coordinates to XX.99999 style, don't worry about it as 64.999999 is 65 ;) fig 1.

- surf to a DCW feature data site here select region europe, then select for germany and click continue. Next you will be prompted for Download Data, Produce Image and Download Points, you must select download data. Now you get to choose the datas to download, these are:

Do this download / save procedure to all the countries included in your theater's terrain. Make a note that you dont only download the datas for the countries that will fight a war, but also those countries that borders comes into your terrain area.

- select your theater size using the drop down menu on Segment L2 X. It defaults to 64 so in this tutorial theater you do not need to change it, but if you are creating 128 theater then select 128. fig 2.2.

- When all features are selected, you should see something like the fig 3.1 but the coloration might change according to the order how you loaded the E00 files. It might be rivers that are more visible (blue) or features or cities. you'll find out and its not important which way they are loaded. What is important is that you load ALL the countries involved in your theater, just like you see in the example figure.

Also you have to edit with pathmaker to make 4 byte work in falcon. If you want to create the .MAP file dem2terrain asks for .PAL file, this is not the fartiles.pal that can be found in falcon terrain dir, its paint shop pro color palette file! How to create a PSP .pal color palette file, please read our texture category for detailed instructions.

First you should read about unified directory structure, which all the recent well known theaters use now, it would be very good for unified look and file structure if your theater used the same directory (dir) struct. In our example case, the unified theater dir is Theaters\, then our own theaters dir is Theaters\Europe and everything goes below that sub dir.

- Copy existing korean files of: campmap.idx/.rsc, intel.idx/.rsc and main.idx/.rsc into Theaters\Europe\art\resource dir. You will find these files from falcon art\resource dir. unpack them with ./ campmap.idx and you have BIG_MAP_ID.tga file, replace this korean tga with your own BIG_MAP_ID.tga you created a minute ago. run the next script like:

Falcon BMS still has the incredible Dynamic Campaign mode for all to challenge themselves with. It has dynamic weather with 3D clouds that look great. It supports online play with friends and their are a number of public servers where budding pilots fly and make names for themselves. One passionate community is Veterans Gaming where you can find the latest iteration to download as well as the Falcon BMS website.

Falcons dynamic campaign can be flown online, but the wish not to fly it solely in cooperative mode, unless its flown in the Aegean theater of operations since both Greece and Turkey have F- 16s at their disposal, will put the simmer in the cockpit of a Sukhoi or a MiG with a full suite of F- 16s avionics or, even worse, have one fly a red fighter with an F- 16 cockpit as well.

Download the program from our library. The download of Falcon BMS, version 4.32, is proceeding. This game is available for free. The setup package you are downloading is original and hasn't been changed by our team. We have to warn you that downloading Falcon BMS from external sources frees GetWinPCSoft from the responsibility for the package safety.


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