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Bosch Indego Firmware

Here you can download the latest firmware for your product. Please download the appropriate and corresponding file for your product from the list below. For further details about the new MultiArea feature please check the installation guide here: Installation guide For connected models you can download the latest firmware straight onto your mower via the Bosch Smart Gardening app.

Bosch Indego Firmware


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During the first five years, Bosch took all costs for service and firmware upgrades, apart from a static shipping fee. Also spare parts (blades, wheels and generally anything that wore out) where easy to get hold on and not very expensive.

Now there are different versions of the Indego depending on the required mowing surface. But the hardware seems to be the same.Question: Can the 600m2 version mow twice the surface?And if it cannot, which config or firmware change or mem upgrade would be required?Thanks!

1. Your IC partlist shows an RS232 level shifter MAX232.21.Have you tried to connect an RS232 terminal (e.g. TeraTerm) to that interface?I might me very informative to know, what messages the indego sends.It is to be assumed that an operating system is running on the uC.Maybe it is possible to login via RS232.

Thx for your reply.I finaly decided not to go for the bosch indigo (dumped at 799,- in some Belgian stores). I ordered a Robomow MS1000 with a cuting area of 56 cm. Plans are to combine it later on with the arduino (or other) intelligence to make it more energy efficient.Regards, Bart

Hi, i have had my indego now for 3 years, and sudently i have got problems with both of the coils in the front, i found out it was water ingress in the mower, and it goes past the wire all the time. And ceep throwing up error code: 149I have 5.8 firmware. Do you have any suggestion on wath to do with the front board?Best regards stein

Email with pictures sent. I think i need a new pcb board, bit do you have some sites that deliveres parts for bosch indego?Do you know if i can update my indego by myself? Its immbossible to find firmwares online to download

Really difficult as menu is slightly different from firmware to firmware. Also, currently I do not have any Indego here (did build an Ardumower ). Maybe you could do the same and use the Ardumower PCB to control your Indego? -receiver-and-sender/1233-reducing-power-usage-heat#11967

hi alexander,thank you for your time and effort into this project. i recently got an old 3600HA2100 indego but systemerror 200 (mainboard error) appears. i am very interested in using your ardumower PCB to control the indego. did someone already made it and documented it. unfortunately i do not have the time (because of 3 little kids and fulltime job) to try allone.

So i would like the indego to be the part of Fibaro home automation system. Do you have any ideas how to make this? I have searched over the web already.Please respond to my email if possibleregardsales

Same problem for me after cleaning the joystick mainboard which had a 115 error, I cleaned contact and compass board but everytime I turn on the indego 1000 connect , now I have this compass -57 error :Erreur Compas- 57E-Compas ne reagit pasContacter SAV si erreur persiste

Hallo,Ich habe in Frühjahr 2016 ein indego 1000 Connect zugelegt. Zuerst war alles gut. Erst nach wieder Inbetriebnahme in 2017 hat es Probleme gegeben. Es gab immer wieder orientierungs- und Lern- Phasen wo der indego das Begrenzungsdraht auf und abgefahren ist bis er richtige Rillen eingefahren halt. Laut Bosch Kundendienst liegt es an eine Engstelle im meinem Gaten, etwas 1m lang und 70cm abstand zwischen hin- zu Rückletung. Laut KD ist der mindest Abstand 1m. Sie sagten der Indego scheint nich zu wissen ob er innerhalb oder außerhalb der BD ist. Ich habe intuitiv gedacht ich muss das koppelsignal abschwächen. Darauf hin habe ich das BD weiter eingegraben , ohne Erfolg. Dann habe ich ein Trennblech mittig in der Erde eingerammt ohne Erfolg. Bringt es was wenn ich die BD verlängere als ob ich eine virtuelle Hinderniss ausgrenze. Ich habe oben gelesen das damit der Widerstand erhöht wird und eventuell das Signal geschwächt. Was meinen Sie. Haben Sie andere Vorschläge. Ich bin am Ende.

Hi. I have an indego 350 connect (3600hb0100) and rhe robot give me (sometimes) error 107. I have to restart docking and robot waiting at least 20 minutes to restart, otherwise error appairs again while booting. Do you know error #107? It seems this error come out if he robot is blocked by an obstacle or when you pause the mowing job. Have you any ideas? Thansk.Nicola

Hi!I have a problem with my indego.After docking with the charger, i tried to do a mapping run, the indego then says the battery is low on voltage or thermal temperature is not correct! Symbol for the battery says its fully Charged!Is the battery faulty or is something else wrong? Is the battery a smart battery with surcuit board and sensors?Would a replace battery be suificent?Could the mower be runned on diy battery with same voltage specs?

Does anyone have firmware or Hex dump from STM8S105K4T3C signal tower of Indego Type F016L67813.Everything else i checked, not able to find bad part. the MCU for some reason it stopped functioning, though it can be accessed via ST link and there is some data in it but my opinion that is bug some where in program. i can share file i have read from MCU if anyone can help would be grateful.

Ihave da same problem with indego signal tower type f016l67813.I checking everyting but not find bad part and i thinking this is crashed program in STM8S105K4T3Cdid you find a way to fix this problem?Please send hex dump or firmware from mcu.

Hi all, I acquired original indego (3600HA2101) via inserts from germany(complete with box and everything so I know it is original) but without PIN :(. I am located in Bosnia, and there is no bosch service :(. Also sending back to germany is not option because of pandemic now :(. Any chance to reset deviceto factory settings without bosch? I guess one option will be to remove and read code from EEPROM (U89: ATMEL1116 (EEPROM)) and to read PIN if possible. Other perhaps to guess code. Device locks itself after 3 attempts and resseting takes long time. Can I do faster reset via RESET pin on JTAG to speedup? Anyone has idea on how to proceed? Thanks in advanceBest regards

Hi,Nice work with the web interface!I have now got my self a Bosch Indego m+700 and I wonder what account name and password to use to access the web interface? I have tried both the one for the app and for logging in to

Hello, My indego 800 have blank screen after power up. Lcd back light light up but nothing on the screen. I replaced main board togheter with the screen for another one but its the same, nothing on the screen. Does anyone have solution for this? 350c69d7ab


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