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Fastactivate Premium Edition V1.8.8.0: The Best Tool for Activating Your TomTom Maps and Services

One of the best things that you can do with your TomTom smartphone is to remotely control it with your Android or iOS phone. This guide will show you how to tether your TomTom with your smartphone, and how you can use TomTom apps, like FastActivate or Connect IQ Routes to create and use these remote control scenarios. In addition to controlling your TomTom, you can also get it to act as a desktop navigation unit, so if you own a Dell Venue 8 or Venue 8 Pro, for example, you can use FastActivate to give directions to a friend or a coworker, or to ask Cortana for directions to a specific address. Using FastActivate, as a personal navigation unit with 3D graphics is a breeze, and can actually create fun party games that rival Angry Birds. You can learn more about FastActivate and all the options that it has here:

FastActivate Premium Edition V1 8 8 0

Download File:

The directions below show you the process of how to use FastActivate with Android. There is also a video tutorial for you to see the process of using FastActivate with an Android phone! Check the video out below.

Once you have completed all the steps below, and restarted your computer, download the updated version of FastActivate from the FastActivate thread: Extract the file and copy across FastActivate.exe to the One/NEW/ folder.

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