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Luke James

Crafting and Building Download iPhone: Top 10 Games to Try in 2023

The principle behind this game is to be creative. That means you can shape your virtual world in any way that you deem appropriate. However, the game's designers have definitely put an accent on crafting your own buildings in a village setting. Okay, there is nothing to stop you constructing something more arty, but Block Craft 3D: Free Simulator is arranged to encourage players to go with buildings really.

Requiring 31MB of space on your device to download, Block Craft has no requirements for mods, a launcher or PE in order to play. You can create your own custom blocks if you want to give your buildings a distinctive look. You might also go on to complete a blueprint of a building and the game gives you the chance to sell these on to obtain lots of gems as a result.

crafting and building download iphone


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